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Beliefs and Opinions

My opinions might have changed, but not the fact that i am right...

Yay for Mr.G!!
I'm sure you've all seen the process of my cheerleading experiment, which had very startling results, i might add.  So you've all seen Mr Grenier's drawing. I find it amusing that no one could figure out what it was.  Except Al, who got it on the first try.  Scary, yes, but i guess guys think alike, Which leads me to question the masculinity of Greg, Darrell, and Felipee... Let's not even go there.

The old stuff

Pathetic rambling
Do you know what's sad?  Before you answer that, let me tell you the answer.  I don't remeber writing most of the stuff contained in my precious site, which tells you one of two things.  Either i've recently lost my mind (What do you mean recently?!) or there's more to this government conspiracy thing than we all think there is... I guess there's always the third option of being too tired either presently or at the time of writing to be able to remember. 
Is it just me, or do other people have a hard time telling the difference between thunder and a passing car?  It's the apartment!  Get out while you can, Darrell's brother and fiance!  (Note:  Darrell's brother is not Darrell's fiance.)


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We are not responsible for any resemblance to your opinions, living or dead.  And we never will be, waa haa haa haaaaa. *runs off laughing*