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Friends Photo Album


Here are some pictures of my friends.


Such beautiful memories! This is us (well, them) at band camp, taken with friederike's camera, which i could not love more!!
(Mel, Nicole, Friederike, Andrea and Alyssa)


Isn't this a beautiful picture, with the wind and the lake and everything?! Sure it looks like an ad for cigarettes, but it's beautiful none the less!
(Nicole, at her lake)


Lovely moment, 'twas! Next to come, cirlce of vengance!! Go SuperFriends!
(From top left, counter clock-wise: Mel, alyssa, Lizz, Mark, JL)


my birthday. it was such a wonderful day! If you'r wondering why i look like I'm planning some evil plot it's because felipe is sitting in my lap. NOT comfortable...
(Andrea, Mel, Al, Friederike, Felipe, Me, Lizz)


The memorable day we don't remember. The only time Andrea ever proved Mark wrong! Too bad we can't remember WHAT she proved...
(Andrea, Me, Mark)


Wrath from God. Here we are locked out of the running car after laughing at the guy on the highway. That'll teach us. (by the way, we're trying, unsuccessfully, to pick the lock...)
(Mel, Lizz, Me, Andrea)


This is what we like to refer to as the "moses picture". with Al in the burrito, and everyone else in the arm covers for andrea's basement couch.  No, we weren't high, honest...
(Felipe, Lizz, Alyssa, Al)


The ultimately gorgeous and wonderful me, and my beloved and all too well known love, Mr. Banana-mann, whom i loved like a son... *sniff*...tragic, though, his death in Greg's locker...


This is the tree in the community club in front of my house *whew* that we love dearly, and the friends we love even more so, except for Mark!
(From left to right (top) Alyssa, Lizz (bottom) ME!!!! Mel, and mark)


This was an interesting picture to take. I did nicole and lizz's makeup, felipe did alyssa, can't you tell? and lizz looks completely 80's...
(Alyssa, Lizz, Nicole)


Perkins on Valentine's day. I would say it was sad, but there were like twelve of us, and it was TONS of fun!
(friederike, Andrea, Nicole)


This is the entire vocal jazz group, and felipe, at ms. amaya's house (which i love). Vocal Jazz rocks!
(people... figure it out, there are too many...)


I love this picture! it's happy and beautiful! and beleive it or not, there were four of us in the little bathroom, almost setting fire to the shower curtains. happy times...


again with the camera skills! i won't tell you how i did this, but it's really easy when you think about it... and no, it's not a computer trick, the photo actually looks like that.  Is mel posessed? big thanks to papa mondor!


Voici Nicole and the heavenly pillows from above.  It's a new kind of wrath from God...


lovely composition of people at Andrea's... same day we did Felipe's makeup...
(Friederike, Felipe, Andrea, Nicole)


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my words of wisdom on friendship:
~You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can't pick you friend's nose!
~A friend will help you move.  A best friend will help you move a body