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Days of Our Lives
Love you all, my darlings!!

Creators of this site will not be held accountable for any or all of the unknown persons for the time being.
Hopefully we will eventually.

Red skull

You know who you are...
okay, rage to the trip A$$ pig, yes you guesed it.  What a perv! We're talking down town, if you know what i mean!  Rocking the gym till it burns down at night, and i ain't ansking no questions!  Just like Andy with a bulldozer!  Yikes! Don't go there!

Yay for messing with love lives, eh?  flip it up to D-man, and we're on top of the world! Swing high, let the wind in your hair, and keep the sunshine on your shoulders, makes me happy!  You know you love it!
Hey, i here springtime is in the air, and wes is a waiting!  Sorry Nickle, can't let you up the anty past the sun if you like it that way!

Eyeguy wants to be friends

Walking dude
"No, don't worry, you've got plenty of space!" Heheheh, famous last words from the man with the plan.

and government conspiracy, how will we ever survive?  Go logo!  Go Pezz!  Go Francis!  Go all!(but especially us)


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You with the pecs! that's MY castle!