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Francis the fish
The page dedicated to fish of all sorts, just because i discovered looking up funky fish gets you some pretty wacked out stuff!

(Sing to the music of that treasured hit, The yellow submarine)

We all live in a shark infested sea
What a tragedy
The shark infested sea
Oh what a day
 This has been
We taught Ed the fish
How to swim
Then a shark
With teeth ablaze
Came and chomped us up
Like we were lays
(betcha can't eat just one!)
We travelled in
And down his throat
We wished we'd brought along
Our winter's coats
and we swam
in acid white
we began to weep
by starfish light
Then a fish
Brave as can be
known as Francis
Throughout the sea
Formed a plan
That we could do
We'd come out again
as sharky poo
(My, that fishy's smart!)
Now we're safe
as safe can be
When you live in shark
infested sea
and everyday
you'll hear us cry
"We love Francis!"
Now you know why...
2nd Chorus
We all lived in Bob the shark's belly
Till Francis set us free
From Bob the shark's belly
'Cause we all live in a shark infested sea
No more a tragedy
Our shark infested sea

Our very first picture of Francis the Fish, in real and living colour!!!
Brought to you in part by my yearbook, memories last a lifetime, but paper is forever!!!


seemingly the only song with fish in it, Jeremiah was a bullfrog, is proudly available here.  And here's a picture of a frog for your amusement.  Alyssa thinks it's scary... go figure.
green frog on a branch

jeremiah was a bullfrog


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