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We are better for having known them...

For some reason i couldn't think of anything interesting to say, so i turned to Mel.  She went on about murder etc.  So i will just explain that the following page was created because they kept hounding me.  Love them, though i do, i wouldn't think it was that important, but tell them that.  So here you go, children!  For the time being, congratulations! you've been Arknypotted!


Aren't they precious? 
(felipe, friederike)


Here's the scoop:  No one would dance with him at Andrea's so he had to create someone who would...  She is still living quite happily in Andrea's room!
(felipe, Monica)


Is this not the cutest and most precious picture ever?! On another note, felipe did nicole's hair.  It actually suits her, doesn't it?
(Nicole, Friederike, Felipe)


Here we have Felipe.  At his very best, can't you tell?


This, i think, is when we all went bowling on Valentine's day.  Nicole is really dreaming of Wes (don't tell the other two)...
(nicole, felipe, friederike)


Kinda gives new meaning to the term "Holy Roller," doesn't it...


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