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More and more and more and more and more of the wonderful things in life!

As an opening statement, i would like to ask you...
Do YOUR ducks float upside down?
Now feel free to enjoy the wonderful blunderings of the human race, specifically you, me and the guy next door...

P.S. Goodluck with your rabies!
-Moi, in andrea's S1 yearbook. and i went on about a conspiracy that i totally don't remember... oooh! it's a conspiracy!

Parts that you've cut off other people is your business. Don't get me involved!
-Kris when asked to hold mel's hair cut remains in the car. Don't ask...

Anyways, it's best that we take over the world before barbies do. Alyssa says that's dictatorship, but screw her, i'm queen of the world!!!
-My writer's notebook. remember the plot me and kellen had???

-I could kick you in other places...
-No! i still need those!
Me and Ryan. i owe him 20 some odd kicks for being annoying

My A drive bit me!
-Mel, on MSN

You broke it's little bottom so the ball fell out then you tried to tape it back in!
-Me. About my computer mouse (which is now a cat...). I didn't think it was all that funny but Kris laughed for hours, so i thought i'd add it in...

He was all- how should i put this- horny. And i was like, "do you want me to fake it?"
-Mel, on the phone with me. it's not as bad as it sounds, as usual (sorry dear but you know i had to put that in!)

-How 'bout a single, rich, independant woman with servants?
-Yeah. and you're buying beans at Walmart.
Me and Kris. It's a long story. See blog (linkypoos)

He looks like Tait, only 50 years older, only 50 years younger.
-Me, trying to explain what Chaaarles looked like to alyssa, as we remembered our days sitting in the hot sun and or rain, and or dead of night talking to him while he sat inside behind the screen door. what can i say, guys just put you first...

We lost three balls!!
-Said by Alyssa while laughing hysterically any number of times. can you get high off of evergreen?

We're dancing to the music inside our heads. I am, at least. I'm knocking on heaven's door!
-Alyssa, as an explanation as to why we bobbed back and forth while eating the best cheesecake we have ever had in our lives!!! A piece of it still remains in my freezer.

-It would only be an extra dollar 13
-yeah, but thenI'd have to count more dimes. And we'd be digging into the nickels!
Me and Kris after buying stuff at 7-11. consequently, i checked. we wouldn't have needed any nickels...

I must insist that you stop finding things to buy with my money!
-Kris. I can't help it if i'm a compulsive shopper!

[Everyone] has a different path in life following this ceremony, even if everyone will be taking the same route out of the parking lot
-Andrea, in her valedictorian speech. Isn't it priceless?

I'm sorry. half your reciept is here... and the other half is here...
- A clerk at the store after the machine jammed.

Don't sniff my hair. you might fall over
-Andrea, while we dyed her hair (and before she washed it out the next day...)

Adults are just obsolete children and the hell with them
-Dr Seuss. i just thought it was amusing and somewhat ironic in a way...

You look a lot like that bit of potato floating in the chowder
-Belle (i think). you guessed it, in the game! I mean, who eats chowder nowadays?

you will be injured and banned from the gamecube!
-Kris. His threat because i kept poking him

Oh, that's why it smells good! it's not that stuff, it's me!
-I think i was high on awful smelling cologne.

into walked what?
-me. I meant to say "walked into what?" but it got fubbled in the translation...

that's not a good idea; asking her what she thinks!
-some guy clerk manager at 7-11. gaahh! and he thought it was funny! we were only discussing tea! (read about in blog... except that's pretty much it...)

That pen "thet" belongs to me.
-Al's argument that "thet" is a word. trust me, don't ask...

-This pen looks like my pen!
-It is, now put it back
andrea and i, long time ago actually. it's the precious pink movie pen! she'll get it back eventually...

It increases at a fast rate of speed
-Kris.  He doesn't understand why i think this is so funny. You probably don't either, but i do, so there.

Like hell it doesn't hurt!
-Me, upon being hit in the face with a fluffball. What? It was painful!

What the hell!?
-Al upon sitting on Mel, who was hidden under his blanket (Oooh, the plot thickens...). It's such a lovely memory...

-Don't touch anything
-Ooh, look! this!
moi et Kris. It was such a funny day...

She left him for staring at girls and not caring when she cried cause she though Bon Jovi broke up
-punk rock 101, Bowling for soup

Turn left at the next right
-yes, it was me... i meant to say light, i honestly did.  More proof to my ability to give directions if i do say so myself...

Of course it bounced, Andrea! Look at them!
-Andrea threw chocolate... that's all i'll say...

You let me go through your underwear before telling me you were wearing it?
-me.  It's a rather logical story, really, but probably not as interesting as what you were thinking when you read it...

"I want to shag mr Cain."
-Lizz. on our way into Safeway.  It was scary.  and then she went on to say...
"I didn't say i WAS shagging him, i just said i wanted to!"
(The sadest part is that she said it convincingly...)

Life is a game.  The game of Life.  Go play life.  It'll make you feel like you have one...
-The book of answers

Alyssa asked the book of answers if Andrea was gay (yeah, don't ask...) and guess what it said... "Only if you'd go out with Gord. I guess that's a no."  Guess that's a yes in Andrea's case...

you could slit my throat and with one last gasping breath i'd apologize for bleeding on your shirt
-Taking Back Sunday (you're so last summer)
(Isn't that the most hauntingly beautiful thing you've ever heard?  In case you're wondering, Taking back sunday is a band i only recently discoverd. yay)

My pants are enjoyble to me
-Lizz (she says, with a mouthful of hotdog.  It was the day when her, alyssa and i got the dumb idea to make a tour guide cassette thingy of Winnipeg.  For the record, i'm pretty sure it was Lizz's idea, but hey, it was "enjoyable."  If you're wondering what Lizz's pants have to do with the city of Winnipeg, don't.  it's not exactly a long story, but it is one i don't feel like explaining at the present time... I'm tired, and the camera, is empty...)

Well you're blessed i guess, by never knowing which road your choosing.
To you the next best thing to playin and winning is playin and losing
-Alison Krauss (the lucky one)
(insert amusing comment here...)

I know that the only path to follow is the path to success, and i want to lead you down that road.
-Andrea, in her speach for her treasuring thing.  Is it not the most beautiful thing youve ever read? *wipes away tear*

Basil!  Shut up!! (pause)
That's a very bad job of shutting up!
-Mel (gotta love basil)

I'm not going to math, i have to pee.
-C'est moi! enough said.

-I'll just pop the hood...
-Won't that void the warranty?
Frasier and Niles, on "Fraiser" when their car stalled.  If i hadn't had a car before i had a computer, i would have said the same thing.  How are they conected?  Have you ever taken apart a computer? (Consequently, when he tried to pop the hood, he ended up opening the trunk instead)

"Men are all dogs and I will provide proof to that one day when I am not so lazy for the list is currently in my room and I do not wish to remove myself from this seat."
-Mel (yes, there really is a list!)

"Cafeteria food isn't actually food, it is on the fine line of edible. And that's on good days
It is much healthier to fall down the stairs than to fall in love.
TCBY is under government controll and so are all of you who have eaten it
Eliz's conspiracy theories are always right (nod and smile now shhhhh)
If it weren't for men the planet would be inhabitable and healthy
Everything in the bible is true and if you know me you will end up believing it whether you like it or not"
-Mel (Wonderful words of wisdom from out dearly beloved darling, which can be found on our other site for PMS.  You're intrigued now, i can tell...)

-Hasta la vista!
-If you want
Mr. Grenier and Jason P. (Okay,this is probably one of those things that only i find precious, but here's the story.  Twas a pleasant day in Band class... Jason asked mr g why he wasn't on some list of great trombonists, and mr. G went into this big speech about saying goodbye to fame and fortune to pursue a life of teaching and improving gifted children, blah blah blah. Oh the memories!)

(Bear with me here...)
Beware of sacred cattle.  They are stupid, filled with inflated ideas about their importance and the unimportance of everything in their projected path, and if you let them run around inside your head they will eat or trample everything, including your intelligence*.  On the other hand, do not attempt to run anyone else's sacred cattle over a cliff unless you're certain you can succeed.
(*Looks like they already got his...)
-This was so eloquently written by Brian Fawcett in an essay they forced me to read.  It was all serious, though very poorly written and then he started going on about cows.  See what i have to put up with?

When asked what things you can find on an airplane:
-Andrea.  Who else.  love her, the precious thing!

-Lisa, it's time you learned the truth about men
-They're pigs?
-The bitterness is strong in this one!
(Yes, it's wisdom from the simpsons. Sad?  I know.  But where would we be without them?)

I had a little conversation in my head about it!
-Alyssa (We were on the phone and she got another call.  10 minutes later i asked who it was and she thought she already told me, and came to the above conclusion.)

Don't eat the fry! No! Eat the fry!
-Ah yes, the genius that comes out of my mouth!  As an explanation, Andrea found a chunk in one of our experiments, and the rest is history.

You can't see my cat as a cat!?  What do you see her as!? A bloated furball?
-Alyssa.  It had been a long day.

-The only reason men and women get together is because the parts fit
-Oh, so that's all we're good for?
-Some of you aren't even good at that
(From Reba.  It's a good show!  Very pathetic, but also amusing.  I love van and Cheyanne!)

Melissa's the kind of person who could be running for her life and still stop to pick up a penny!
-Darren (Is that not the most beautiful thing you ever heard?!  Yeah.  Maybe it's just me...)


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