Yvan Eht Nioj
Once the duke gets his...end...in

Here we will find the pictures that we actually have of my dearly beloved fruits, flies and other fruit flies that fly to fruit.  I miss them all so! *wipes away tear*


My beloved and oh so treasured Mr. Banana-mann!!! thanks to Lizz for the authentic shoes... we love you anyways, darling...

Walking guy

You just have to love the scary running man...

and here we have the story of a soul... Sir John Paul George Ringo the Second

One in a bazillion



GREEEEEEGGG! we loved him truly. he had a rather harsh life too. Mel almost let him get eaten by a gopher (let's here you shout "Grrrrr-oundhogs" now, greg). Seriously.  And then he was killed ruthlessly by logan, who will pay drastically for what he's done... grrrrr


Yay! This is the delightful Mrs. Kracker and her dear friend, Mrs. Jellie bean, about whom you probably know nothing.  They actually aren't dead yet, surprisingly, though Mrs. K got a chip out of her when my cats used her for a toy.


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Look at the fruit! It has a high IQ!
Mr Banana man's smarter than you!
Welcome to our world, don't run away!