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What the @#*$!!!

It just occured to me in an ingenious wave of ingenuity, that perhaps i am not as clear as i could be in my navigation bar.  I know, i know, it sounds far fetched, but i decided to fix this problem anyway.  So here it is!  Definitions of my various pages for your viewing pleasure and convenience!

The one and only

Ah, the one and only me!  This is a pretty pointless page where you can find some old school quotes, a pic of me and mr banana man, and some of my infinate wisdom regarding the government. Oh, and also a spinning apple...
(Turn up your volume to listen to "One"  By Three Dog Night played over and over and over and over and over...)


Ah, scenarios!  Where would we be without them?  This is a little page where we can find various ideas i and all of you come up with.  Ooooh, kind of like the nasty book of no-no ness which you will never see. only not so evil... yes... (Listen to one of my favourite childhood listening things... FIGHT ON MANITOBA! FIGHT ON!!!)


Ah, amusement!  In the highest form, no doubt!  On said page you shall find various amusing things.  You know, jokes, stories, and such that i most often find on the internet.  Go figure, but enjoy!
(one of my most beloved songs! Istanbul not constatinople!)

Days of Our Lives

Ah, the days in our lives!  This is the kind of title that made me decide to create this lovely page.  It has nothing to do with our lives (well, very little anyway) and absolutely nothing to do with soap operas.  So what IS it about, you ask? Well, i was just about to tell you.  It displays what i (and the rest of the world wide web) like to call "Call outs."  They are messages to various 'people' etc, and they generally don't make sense.  But hey, does anything you've read in this site so far make all that much sense?  I thought not.

exchange rate

Ah, the exchange rate!  Some may say our exchange rate sucks, but not all areas of it do!  For example, we take in exchange students, which is what you'll find on this lovely page, dedicated to Friederike and Felipe (love you guys!)!

you'll get your ending...

Ah, you SHALL get your ending!  Don't ask.  This site was created around the time of the birth of "Moulin Rouge"  On DVD/VHS! (Go Moulin Rouge!!!)  So, hence the title.  This is a really pointless page that i am going to completely change once i get the time and patient to do so.  But presently it consists of a toilet and a vague referance to Star Wars.  I'm not even sure that the link to email me is right in any way, shape, or form, but yeah.  If you want to try it out, more power to you...

Once the duke gets his...end...in

Ah, the duke! Again, nothing to do with the page.  Truthfully, this page contains pictures of my beloved Mr banana mann, etc.  Such wonderful times with those precious babies... i say next should come mr kiwi, though he would probably die really fast... unless we froze him.


Ah, links! where would we be without them? These are things that i thought might be of somewhat interest, amusement, etc to you. well, actually, to me, but you never know! (also, a new national anthem! a song and itty bitty comedy routine that no ear should be without! lake superior... inferior... mediocre...)

Friends Photo Album

Ah, friends and photos!  Two of my favourite things!  This page is exactly what it says, as will probably all of the following pages... anyway, i rarely erase pics from this page, though i will be as soon as i scan more.  So if you think you've seen them all, surf down to the bottom of the page and make sure!
(No longer littered by the pain in the butt music!!!)


Ah, the things we say!  You guessed it, this is a page of all the foolishness, and the wisdom, that makes us who we are.  Various things that we and others have said at some point that amused or impressed me to the point of adding it here.  Quite pleasant, really.

Beliefs and Opinions

Ah, my wonderful opinions!  This page has been known to make people somewhat angry at me, so read it with caution.  Remember, these are MY opinions, and thoughts on the world and the people in it, and if you don't like them, you have no one to blame but yourself for reading it.  like i've said before, darlings, grain of salt!

Francis & Co.

Ah, Francis the fish!  This is a page dedicated to him, and all of his dear beloved friends, that don't exist on the site anymore, but yeah.  Maybe more will eventually.  It's a very interesting story, really, on how he came about which i WILL have to write and add to the page eventually.  Also on this site, is the wonderful song that you can click on (so it doesn't repeat again and again and again and again), Joy to the World, by three dog night.  you know it... Jeremiah was a bullfrog!!!


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