Yvan Eht Nioj
you "new" it was new!

you see what i did there? yeah, i know it wasn't funny or witty but what do you expect from a sleep deprived pre-adult (by the way, kris says 18 is the probationary year to becoming an adult. riiiight.)

so this is where i'll post what's new on my site, seeing as i really don't update very much. this way i can stop informing you what i have done, because generally i forget parts, etc etc. so enjoy!

March 30, 2004   8:09 AM
~Added six, count them, six, new quotes to the quotes page!

March 25, 2004     8:36 PM
~finally took off the damn friends theme from "friends photo album" page. I know, i can hear your thank you's from here...

January 20, 2004   8:48 AM
~Added new sound to this page. (animal crossing, Totakeke, K.K. Slider) Click on the following links:

K.K. Gumbo

K.K. Ballad

January 13, 2004   5:10 AM
-Added 12 new quotes to the quotes page
-Updated "you 'new' it was new" page for the very first time!


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