Yvan Eht Nioj

Let's face it.  We're imaginative people (oh, so THAT'S what they call it now...) and so i have decided to devote a beautiful page to the ingenious concoctions of life that we so skillfully develop.  Grain of salt, people!  Grain of salt!

Al: scottish terrier
Mel: afghan
Lizz: dachsund
Alyssa: mutt
Andrea: poodle
Ellie: collie
Kris: sheepdog
Mel: duck/prairie dog
Lizz: algea, shrew, flying squirrel
Ellie: cat
Kris: otter
Alyssa: rabbit
Andrea: hummingbird/starfish/chipmunk
Al: yellow
Mel: red
Lizz: indigo
Ellie: aubergine
Kris: khaki
Alyssa: ochre
Andrea: pink

Lizz's Political Party!
THE EXPLETIVE DELETED PARTY OF MANITOBA!  Our only campaign idea thing is to offer people chocolate bars and or t-shirts.  Everybody wants T-shirts, right?

Butler: Leland, Mr. Boddy: Darren, Miss Scarlet: Mel, Mr. Green: Al, Colonel Mustard: Darrell, Ms. Peacock: Lizz, Mrs. White: Andrea, Professor Plum: J, Newspaper Boy: Matty.
Pretty much, everyone's having an affair with either Mr. Boddy (Congrats Darren, if only you weren't dead), or Scarlet (It's "Escort Service," not a prostitution scam!).  Who is the murderer?  It'd tell you, but then i'd have to kill you...

Our Mob Gang!!!

okay, ally's plan for the bowling alley.  (notice the extra e, not a pun.)  I, Ellie, am the mob boss, Felupee is my mistress, andy is my cat (or a hairless mexican dog that goes by the name of doe-chi), Mel is my "bouncer" as ally so elequently put it, and Nicole and Darrell are my sniper persons.  ie., they sit there cleaning the gun and giving people nasty looks.  Lizz is the enemy, jehova's witness that we enjoy shooting.  Also plays the enemy accountant, ie, don't shoot me again!  
Oh, also james, whom lizz is having a passionate affair with.  We're talking twelve kids here children!!!

Note:  names tend to be in some sort of screwed up code that changes each time we use it.  So if you think we're talking about someone, then we are.  Congratulations.


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-Once she threw a plate at me
-A plate?!
-A plate... with butter on it