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The one and only

Here's more than you probably want to know about me...

Here we dealve deep into the secret lives of the living and the dead... Mostly the living... entirely the living... my dear, goodness me.

This is where we get down and dirty (and get your minds out of the gutter darlings)!  Learn the secrets of the children of the underworld!!!
Go Pezz!  Go Francis!  Go all!!!

Blue Glass Tumbling Apple

yay! funny spinning apple thingy!  Mornfully remembers Mrs. Apple who is still in the costume room.


and here we have me, and my beloved baby, who is the only one we have an actual death statement for. Sad, really. You'll see this picture often, for we all love IT much more than we love the one with kelsey... I THINK IT"S FUNNY!!!! she's proud of it, anyway.  I COULD have put MARK's seductive picture up, and trust me, that's  a scary, scary sight!!!

Our Mob Gang!!!

okay, ally's plan for the bowling alley.  notice the extra e, not a pun.  I, Ellie, am the mob boss, Felupee is my mistress, andy is my cat (or a hairless mexican dog that goes by the name of doe-chi), Mel is my "bouncer" as ally so elequently put it, and Nicole and darrell are my sniper persons.  ie., they sit there cleaning the gun and giving people nasty looks.  Lizz is the enemy whore, jehova's witness that we enjoy shooting.  Also plays the enemy accountant, ie, don't shoot me again!  
Oh, also james, whom lizz is having a passionate affair with.  We're talking twelve kids here children!!!

More wonderful quotes!
"My Alphabits gave me a message this morning.  They said 'ooooooooo.'"
"Richard, those were cheerios."
-Richard and Al, who apparently stole it from the comedy network... 

"I'm the man you love?"
"Damn it! There's just not enough Darrell to go around!"
-Me and Darrell.  It was very amusing, and so beautiful!

"Yes, I smoke every night.  That's what sets off the fire alarm!"
"Oh, it was you!  I thought it was his fetish with toast!"
-Mel and Alyssa (The mother and the younger sister.  We were at Perkins, which is a family restaurant... yes.  So i was the older sister, and greg was the father.  Our waiter was gay, so we left him a note with lipstick.)

"It's a family restaurant..."
"What, straight from your mother's mouth?"
-Me and Al.  Yes, there's a story behind this.  I was typing the previous quote, but andrea was saying Jessie wanted to be patted, which i said was straight from her mothers mouth, then the restaurant as i typed and yeah.  Go Al.

Favorite Stuff

The things you never could tell about the sources of happiness...

Did you know that the circumfrence of the universe is in precise proportion to the goings on of internal affairs?  And the goverment isn't saying a lot more than you think it isn't!

Favorite Quotes

"If every human on earth gathered in one place and jumped up and landed at the same time, we would move the earth 0.0000000001 metres.  Please people, have a care and don't jump around recklessly"

after all that we only have a purse, a backpack and cheese wiz
-Ally, on our way inside

I'm going to fall down the stairs now. Do you want to come?
-Lily (okay, i  was tired... )

"If they look behind the curtain they'll see your boxes of mess!!!"
Linda S. in Clothing (Leaving a legacy, we are, we are! go visit our curtain!  Way to go self promotion!!!)

"Are you on crack?  Do you want ice shoved up your nose?"  -Lizz

"How am I supposed to be lazy if you won't help me?"
-Lily (What can i say, i wanted crackers, andrea would not get the crackers, and the crackers did not come to me.  Needless to say, i didn't get the crackers.  Sorry people.  It's just that kind of a day...)
"You can fry anything if you put your mind to it!"
-Lily ( who proved that, yes, you CAN fry a pogo{hot dog thingy, not the stick, idiots})
"I screamed so much, screamed so I did!"
-Meru re: a ride at the ex
"I don't know what I know, but I know that it's big!"
-Some guy in Conspiracy Theory
You are so disfigured with your male pattern baldness that you have to conceal it!
-Some guys in the hall
Look! it fits!
-Lily on putting a potato in her bra
No. Are you SERious?
-Mr Grenier (band teacher)
(it was in regards to my conspiracy. He's like, do you really believe that?  No, really? etc. now he knows that we know and will report back to the zymatics and we shall all be killed, but that's a small price to pay for world domination...)

Earwax is just snot for your ears!"
-Darrell (oh the genius that comes from his mouth...)

For more delightful quotes, go to the quotes page!  Ingenious, isn't it?


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