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The old stuff

Old opinions and beliefs of the past in yester years to come... and go.... yeah.

As you have probably guessed already, I can't part with my beloved meanderings, so if you wanted to see anything again, you're pretty lucky i couldn't.  Have fun dwelling in the past!

The world revolves around me and me alone!

Yeah, okay, maybe not... not yet at least...
But somewhere in a distant gallaxy far far away, there are some deeply devoted elkersniddles who worship the very ground that i walk on, and that is very well within my power. Mostly, certain persons would go so far as to kiss my feet, but we won't mention names... oooohhh!

Standardized Tests

oh, the things we could discuss in this section... Frozen yogurt is never to be trusted!!!  stay secure with chewy chewy cocoa bean.... the initial "Wrath" (fun word) of mr monkey man!!

Cut Back on the H20, bro
I went to the zoo with alley the other day.  Srolling along the path, we discovered, to our amazement, this really weird baby llama giraffe type hairy horse thing, which, to this day, we still don't know the name of.  and that's all fine and dandy, but that isn't the worst of it!
We pause.  One of them is doing some sort of dancey squaty thing.  And then he starts to pee... and pee... and pee...  Five minutes later, he's still at it, and, to make things worse, it's now coming in spurts.  Alley, being the sort of person that she is, decides that it's humming and peeing along to the music.  I wouldn't doubt it at this point.
We tried to take a picture, just because of the ludicrosity of it all. We'll try to get that to you.  In the mean time, we hope that creature minimizes his liquid in take to levels his bladder can hold.  Happy urination all!

My Opinions on Current Events

Lord of the Rings is not an adaptation of the bible!!!!!! Talk to Lizz on this one.  Apparently the wrath of Teichroeb goes beyond an unhealthy obsession with "The Voice."  Hey, you heard it here first people!!!
And further to the point, anti Brio and its gay bashing articles!  People ARE gay, but gays ARE people!!! If you prick them, do they not bleed?  If you hurt them, do they not cry? (and hey, no gay jokes here!)  Again, talk to lizz on this one.  Opinionated child without a conscience... Is it not evil to watch a little dog being carried away by an eagle?  don't even get me started!

The Wrath of Leaskroeb
One must ask, what kind of insane mind came up with the idea of singing crazy songs and DANCING in a high school choir class?? Poor Michelle...already been through it before, she has, and now to be forced to do it again?? AND with WHOM, you might ask? Well, none other than the worst person IMAGINABLE...the bane of her existence...he has been torturing her since back in the nostalgic days of grade 9. And now, 4 majestic years later...he is STILL here!!! Poor Michelle...no wonder she is contemplating skipping the rest of the year. I, personally, am too...there is NO call for this, especially from a teacher of such dazzling command over her classes and the charisma to astound all who have the pleasure to be in her presence.

He Promised and He LIED!!!!
Yes, we all know our "Beloved" Mark, but how many of us know the treacherous mind that lies within that body?  Lizz says does a mind really lie within a body, and i say shut up lizz.
Lizz says Lily sucks and sticks out her tongue.
Yes.  Anyhoo, Mark is evil.  for forgiveness he must come to school with shaved legs in a dress.  Any other ideas? Email them to him at theduke2@hotmail.com.  This is revenge, Mark, REVENGE!!!!  you shall suffer for the suffering i have suffered... Edit

The most marvelous jingle ever written! Go little cheese fishie things!
"Here's our jingle for Goldfish,
wrote a song for Goldfish,
the wholesome snack that smiles back until you bite their heads off.
Did you know they're made from real cheese?
Even though they look like fishies.
The snack that smiles back, Goldfish."

Vocal Jazz
What's worse than stepping in a puddle filled with dog excretments?  Being friends with two guys named Greg and Darren.  Yes, dears, they are soon to be joining the list of the many pigs in the world today.  A list that includes Mark, evil molester man, and Bill Clinton.  But Why you ask?  Because they don't have the decentcy (sorry can't spell)  to help the poor and needy children of the underworld who are consequently way above them in every way.  As if D and D is more important than hanging around in a class of gorgeous girls and singing.  Oooh, let's run around like neanderthals and pretend to poke people with pointy sticks!!!  Excuse me darlings, but this means WAR!!!!!

Yes, another one...
Do you know what the problem with teenagers is these days?  Girls are too Giddy and preppy and guys are too macho and immature.  Like Greg and Darren.  Talk about being back in grade four!!  I have, i feel it's safe to say, NEVER seen guys act like such crazed, psychotic, immature, need i say giddy, pinheads in my life, and I grew up in a catholic church!
Anyway, the story is simple, if you haven't heard already.  They're fighting over melissa.  Well, not fighting.  Darren is apparently winning and it seems to me greg is backing off (or making it LOOK like he's backing  off when he's really planning some D&D orgy in his mind... don't even go there!). Kind of funny, greg being the psychotic one and darren being the submissive wimp, which is a lesson to all you guys out there! Psychosis is not a turn on! "Oh so THAT'S what i'm doing wrong!!!!" AAAACKKK!  and by the way, I don't know about her, but chasing some chick around a pole and hiding on her in the morning just to yell boo is just sad.
Sorry darling, but i have nothing better to comment on.


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