Yvan Eht Nioj
The second kid

The Fastidious World of The Kid Andrew
(as seen by Lizz and Lily )

And now, we venture into the world of the kid.  DAA DAA daaaaaaa!  as we speak, he is looking up the word fastidious.  small minds.  whatever.  This all seems quite similar to the interview, where he followed us around, asking us what it was for.  I say again, Small Minds.
Note: The Kid is NOT Andrew the REAL kid...he is merely the Kid Andrew. Since the Kid has moved on, presumably to other feats of murder and his never-ending sexual frustration...The Kid Andrew is all we have. And we love him dearly, DON'T we. *coughs rather dryly*
But who is this new kid, you might be asking yourself, or your dog, who is sick of hearing from you by this point.  And we answer, Who knows!
Is he merely the twirp in choir, or does his real identity lie behind that coat and hat, that scream like so much more than a nametag plastered over his puffy little body, "I AM the Evil Molestor Dude!" 
Further evidenceis his tragic soap opera, lizzbians in love, which begs us to ask the question, what does this guy do in his spare time?  Never mind, we don't want to know.

To add to the problem, i have repeatedly dreamt of killing him in scary, gory ways... what does THAT mean...?  Talk about mind control... oooh! conspiracy!!!
Tune in to his website,  LizzbiansinLove.tripod.com for more details...or email him at chester99999@hotmail.com.

You could kill and maime him, and not a jury in the world would convict you... hmmm...


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