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I'm warning ya'll, you'll probably hate me for this one, but suck it up.  i don't really think these things...hmmm....

Vocal Jazz tryouts were today. Fun.  What with the steady flow of people and all... *rolls eyes*  our guy interest? about the equivalent of the success rate of our school and all thanks to the belevolent poo poo head, Gregory and his teatering co-horts who believe in unity, and the right to cower back in shame and fear... riiiight... I'm asking what he had to do to get them to follow his half-assed ideas but him being greg, I'm terrified of the answer.  Oooh, sexual prodigies of Kirby, like it or not, and knowing them, they liked, but it's all Mark's fault anyway.

  Me, andrea and mel went over to kelsey's for a so-called "party".  yeah.  they dragged me kicking and screaming.  Suuuuuure!  I love Kelsey! and i did a good job too! I was civil to mark, the low down scum of the earth, who was decidedly under Kelsey all night.  And the nerve of her! telling us we couldn't eat our grapes ( perfect food for the anorexic, hint hint). Mel and i did anyway so go us.  On the plus side, I got to see beloved, darling Lizz who is finally back from Quebec and gimli.  Her hair is practically a giant ball, but i enjoyed the meandering sarcasm she's so famous for. Almost as sad as mel's inability to use a fork. and let me tell you, regardless of your solor sense, white cake and blue carpet do not go well together, mel darling! then andrea and her blah, let's go with what i know attitude! begs us on her hands and knees to design her room.  Okay, sure, we know her well enough, we'll do it... but then she gives us our colour options. Blue and purple. well how about green?  no green will make me puke.  How about orange? No, orange will make me puke. we're a little concerned for her stomach right now. She can handle a whole tub of icing but she can't look at orange.  Some nurse she'll be. Sure, I'd love to stop the bleeding but he's wearing an orange shirt for pete's sake!  I pity her husband, who we could be sentencing as we speak. life with Andrea or life alone... hmmm. let me think about that. No seriously we love andrea.  I just hope darren knows what he's getting into. you  might say we pounced on him, pushed him to a corner and offered him love from the blonde if he'd ask her out.  Well, it SEEMED like a good idea at the time. of course we did it nicely, and over the et so no one feels threatened and little darren can hide under the bed if things got too heavy.  Not to say he's a wimp...* tries to smother laughter* I mean of course we love him but he's not the one to have an interesting conversation with.  but then you get greg and his "computer data,"  Kirby.  the sex crazed pervert. Programmed to say things like that?  yeah.  try alter ego.  psychological manifestations of psychosexuality.  What's with that anyway?


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